The Day We Met

Would I say it was love at first sight? That’s really corny to tell the truth. But what I will say is that on July 5th 2019 (back when the world was “normal” I met her by chance at a random photo shoot. Right place, Right Time.

We clicked!!! And not a day has gone by when I haven’t had her in my IMs and in my life. Some might say we moved too fast. But really fuck them. We were and we ARE right for each other. We have been there for High Times and Low Times. lol In Sickness and in Health. (As I right this i’m as sick as a dog with a summer cold. (NO IT’S NOT COVID lol).

Mikhayla, you my love mean the world to me, and I could not see me being in Second Life without you. You make me laugh and smile each and everyday in both worlds.

I love you Mik, and thank you for finding me.

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