😍So I Met Someone😍
I now I haven’t posted in a loong time and I had really decided not to blog but then this happened.
Last week I took some much needed time off RL work. With The 4th falling on a Thursday I decided to take off the day before an the day after. I mean I had vacation time and with my foreseeable work schedule I knew I wouldn’t be able to take again anytime soon. Anyway that being said I had a 5 day weekend and Oh Boy am I ever so happy I did that.
On Friday I decided I needed to revisit Splash Beach. I had just bought a new fatpack of bikinis and I wanted to snap a few pics lol. I got there and hadn’t even gotten my feet in the sand when I noticed someone close to where I was. Me being the nosey person I am, I perved her profile *giggles* and she had a link to her Flickr so of course I clicked. She had some really cool and sexy and nice pics.
It was that moment I heard the *ding* that I had a new IM and it was her lol, my first thoughts were damn I just got busted perving her pics (since I faved a couple of them) but all she said was Nice Flickr *giggles again* She was perving my Flickr at the same time haha.
She says to me “We should do a pic together” and of course I said Yes we should. (I know this is a long story but stick with it 😛 )
She asked if she could TP me to another sim and I said ok, I mean really if she was taking me someplace I didn’t like I would just TP out I’m no chicken lol. She TPs me to another beach sim that was really nice. She sets out some poses and we both hop on and we are both quiet (because we are both setting our windlights and adjusting our cams and whateves.) I get my pics done and I guess she does as well. She then asks if it is ok if she brings another girl over since we had an addition poseball.
The first girl came by was well I would say having issues lol, or at least she was in my view. Her head (face) was not rezzing right, Her hair was, lol I don’t even know, wasn’t on right? A big black section at the hair line (she was a blond lol) and for some reason just could not sit on the pose.
I didn’t say anything because I figured it was just my viewer not rezzing her and the other Jessie also didn’t say anything (or if she was talking to her it was in IMs) but she left all of a sudden and Jessie said, Hey Jess (I guess I should had mentioned we are both Jessie lol) do you mind if I bring another person over.
Now to be honest at this point I was getting a little flustered, I had taken a pic with Jessie and I was happy with it and now I wanted to explore this new sim. But I said No I don’t mind.
So in pops this Blue Haired Blue Lips Stunning person. *bites my lip* quickly pervs her profile, looks at her Flickr (hehe) and introductions were made. She hops on the pose and after a few adjustments we are ready to snap. Wait suggestion is made to get topless (lol) I will admit I missed the suggestion because I was looking at someone’s Flickr page on my other monitor. My IM dings (Jessie asking if I mind, wait what mind? looks at local real quick, hmm topless, Sure) I rip off my top and let my girls get a breath of that beach air. (pic is here if you wanna click: The First Pic Ever )
So we take the pic and Jessie goes afk for like Forever and this sexy blue hair minx leaves but gets in my IM box (purrrs) and we start talking, she is so fun, she invites me to see her beach club (Blog pic was taken there) and she shows me everything. We hop on some poses and takes more pics and I mean we just really hit it off. She showed me her BDSM ares (giggles again) I’m not really into that but it was fun to see and I met one of the slaves haha this dude lol there was also a girl in a cage but she didn’t talk (was afk I think).
(Damn this is a long post haha)
Anyway over the course of the weeknd I spent a lot of time with her and I really like her (and yes we had a very special night as well) OMG she was well 🙂 I was and still am in total bliss. I moved to her sim lol (I needed a bigger place as it was hehe) and then last night she had an vent and I was there for it and (hehe in IMs with her) and just had a bunch of fun.
We talked and I’m so happy that we are going to see where this leads, and I’m hoping it leads to well (I don’t want to use the GF term just yet but well *fingers crossed* but even if that doesn’t happen I just know that I’m going to enjoy every minute I can with Mik. I don’t fall fast but damn this girl already has my heart. Plus I licked her so well you know that makes her MINE.
Stay tuned I might post more adventures that we will sure to have. (might even get *giggles* X-Rated 
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