๐ŸŽผ Miktopia Live! ๐ŸŽผ
So where to start?
Over the past few weeks, Mikhayla and I have been hopping from live music venue to another. Listening to these great (and sometimes not so great) live performers here in Second Life. Finding the ones we liked the best. Building a list if you will.
If we like them Mik will get their information like schedules and cost. Who we have to talk to. Me? lol I was just enjoying the music and giving Mik my thoughts.
Anyway our “hard work” come to fruition last night. And it was ever so juicy.
Last night was the launch of Miktopia Live! Mik had booked 6, yes count them 6, live acts to sing for us over 6 hours last night.Each one hand picked and each one did not disappoint to say the least.
We started at 3pm SLT with Lexus.
Lexus Melodie is just a joy to listen to. She has a great voice, plus she is funny and has the cutest little accent. Plus she can play the mouth trumpet like no one you have ever heard lol.
Lexus was first and set the pace for how the rest of the night was going to go. She of course played our request and did some original songs as well.
Please if you get a moment to check her out do so. Follow Her On FB
Next came Stayaway Joe (Or Joe for short)
Joe is an Aussie Singa from Down Unda (very bad Aussie accent was implied there) and he is just awesome and also funny. We have seen him a few times and each time has been a pleasure (even if he doesn’t get to our request lol)
Last night he was second on the list and once again played our request (even though he made me wait for mine) plus he did some of his own songs. He plays the harmonica too and his Neil Young is on point. Sometimes you can hear his birds in the background, but not last night lol they are his backup singers. You can learn more about Joe here.
So I need to mention that yesterday was also Faithe’s RL Birthday So the next singer was one of her favs. And oh goodness does Wolfie Starfire have a voice.
Wolfie is by far one of the best singers I have ever heard in Second Life. My God what a voice. She sings everything and I mean everything. (I even made her sing Fuck Youuu last night *giggles*) A pure joy nonetheless. Her range is just off the charts. And since she was Faithe’s Birthday Present Mik had a little something extra planned. Wolfie’s set was really on point.
Ok was a big something extra lol. PLease if you get a chance go see Wolfie sing. You can follow her here.
Wow that was a lot of music in just 3 short hours BUT we were not done hehe.
In walks Camme Carver (CC)
So at one point we thought we wouldn’t have CC there since she had a RL thing, but luckily Rasp (see below) is a great person and swapped spots so we got to have CC. (Also sorry for the bad pics, I had changed my wind-light for the fireworks earlier and forget to set them back right away)
CC is just amazeballs and without a doubt one of the most skillful singers in SL.
Her song list covers everything from Adel to The Sugar Hill Gang lol. Plus like the rest she does her own songs too. She is also just a little cutie with her guitar hehe. I really am happy we were able to get her there last night. Check out her FB page ๐Ÿ™‚
Then we had “The Man Of The Hour” I present to you the one, the only, the master of the campfire, tickler of the keys, and our friend. Mr, PANDA FUCKING TOAST Raspury Rearwin.
Now truth be told, out of every person that was on the stage last night. I’ve seen and heard Rasp the most. He does a weekly Campfire set here at Miktopia.
He is just a really fun person, great voice, funny and just well. Hehe if I was into guys I would even have a little crush. Rasp did not bring his guitar last night, oh no he did not. That man was on the PIANO and OMG swoon. That boy can sing. (Ladies i’m talking panties wet type of voice, or so I’m told hehe).
Raspbury had a very good set, his voice is so soothing I found myself eyes closed and ears open. And the fact that he doesn’t charge or put a tip jar out is just amazing. He really does this for the music. plus you will always see him at other peoples gigs supporting them. He is just a real special guy.
And finally we had Ry Anne OMG, talk about waking you up.
Ry Anne is one of those singers with the voice of an angel. And by far one of my favs (ok they all were but damn this woman) She took the stage last and closed Miktopia Live! with one of the best sets ever. Plus she is cute and funny and just has a lot of fun with it. She played all our request plus some that were not allowed to be requested anymore (by a certain person, lol,) But she really had us on our feet. Like CC her range is off the charts. Her song list covers all genres and she has fun doing it.  Follow her and check her out.
And then it was time for bed lol. It was a long but great night and everyone that was there had a blast. And the best part is, this is going to become a regular night at Miktopia (lol not 6 hours but 1-3 a week hehe).
I know this posting does not even come close to doing justice to any of our singers last night. But trust me it was well worth having each one of them there. And I look forward to many many more shows at Miktopia.
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