A Quiet Place

So for those of you that don’t really know me. I like to make clothing and take pictures. I do most of my work on Mik’s and my photo platform above our house.

It’s also a quiet place, off the ground and away from the club a place where Mik and myself can’t be disturbed (with the exception of IMs lol)

A quiet place where I don’t really have to get dressed, not trying to look stunning and wear my gym clothes.

That is what I was doing this afternoon when I got the coolest set of Gachas to play with.

These awesome teddy bears come from ::AMF:: and are only available ( In World ) (No listing on MP). Ther are 6 commons and 2 rares.

When you add them you swing them back and fort so damn cute.

It even works when you have your AO on lol.

I hope you all swing by and get some, they are so damn cute. I took a pic with each one that I will post below. Oh and the are re-sizable too (for you littles out there 🙂 )

That’s it for this post, just wanted to share these with you.

AMF Grump Bear Burlap – Common
AMF Grump Bear Cat – Common
AMF Grump Bear Skull – Common
AMF Grump Bear Sky- Common
AMF Grump Bear Spider -Common
AMF Grump Bear Sugar Skull – Rare
AMF Grump Bear Zombie- Rare
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