Harvest Time

It’s funny how sometimes we find ourselves replicating Real Life in Second Life. Normally when you find me in SL i’m at a beach sim or a live music venue.

But then I decided that I want to take a picture and I send myself back to my my teenage years growing up on the ranch. Yes hehe I’m a true farm girl (or I guess ranch girl) but farm girl sounds better.

And even though I live in the city mostly I do miss that country living. Up with the sun, doing chores around the property like feeding the chickens and livestock to even working in my mom’s garden.

So today I find myself in Second Life doing just that, working in the garden and getting ready for the fall harvest.


Boots: Cowgirl Boots black Maitreya Mid feet from LI.C. ( In World ) ( MP ) So last time I had on LIC’s BDSM boots and like I said lol I’m not into the life style but I did like the boots. Now these boots on the other hand are very much my life style. Of course like all of Lyndydia’s clothing it comes with a color / design hud. so these will be pink before to long. Fitmesh for Maitreya,

Hair: Montana – Jewel by Truth (In World) (MP)

Eyes: Daisy Eyes by Zombie Suicide (Whore Couture Fair: Back to School ) (MP N/A)

Head: YS&YS Malika Tone03 (In World) (MP)
Body: YS&YS Tone 03 (In World) (MP)

Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1 (In World) (MP N/A)

Photo Location: Naturally Naughty

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