👣What A Great Weekend👣
This weekend was a blast. So much fun and entertainment, plus some much needed “house cleaning”
I enjoy everyday I get to spend with Mikhayla but the weekends are always the best. No bed times lol (well at least until we can not keep our eyes open anymore.) 
On Friday we were entertained by Rasp during The Friday Campfire @ Miktopia. He is so damn entertaining, great singer, funny and just so damn relaxing after a long work week. Plus he is only scheduled for an hour and he was there for 2.5 Nice.
Saturday Me and MIk worked on our inventories lol (and I don’t know about her, but I still have much to do). We started off unpacking and organizing all of our poses and animations. Later in the evening we went to go listen to some live singers at a benefit. Of course Rasp was there and did a great job as always. Then we got to see Joe. Wow this guy was also very impressive. (Mik got some booking info on him woot) LOL His SL name is StayAwayJoe check him out if you like live performers. 
We jumped over to the Biker Club that Faithe was DJing at for a bit then headed back over to the benefit to catch Ry. And wow she was really good as well and has a big range. (Also needs to be booked lol). We ended with one last singer that well I wont mention her name but by the end of that hour mine and Mik’s ears were bleeding. And at one point we got Rasp into a blue dress haha (then on a stripper pole on stage) my eyes may never recover 😛 LOL
Finally it was Sunday, like normal I was up before my beautiful girlfriend so I started working on my inventory again. I been wanting to do this for awhile but I was putting it off, until I finally got a new skin which I think works better for me. So I redid all of my outfit folders with my new skin and attachments (ie updated huds, belly ring, skin) and delete all the older folders. Mik made some new logos which are awesome and will look great on the clothing I’m going to make for Miktopia.
We also caught another live “singer” Sunday morning lol I say “singer” because he didn’t actually sing but played some rather interesting music. All synthesized and it was pretty hypnotic to say the least.  It reminded me of the scores to older 70s and early 80s SciFi movies.
Of course the weekend never last long enough but Sunday night was Sexy Sundays at Miktopia. Both Wynn and Luni had great sets and man was that place packed. My baby can really get them in there. Plus well you know before the second set was over we were all topless lol.
Then the weekend came to a close. My Mik tucked me into our bed and we said our good nights. But once again it was a really great weekend. And I’m so happy and lucky to get to spend it with Mik. She really knows how to make this girl smile. 

💞Mik’s Chick💞
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